up in my work.
Pencil sketch from family Photos (early 1960s.)
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Lorraine ~ Lyrrian Images
Once she taught me to draw on walls with plant leaves. Later, I drew Smokey the Bear on our newly stuccoed garage wall. At 5 years old, I lied and blamed my sister. To my surprise, my parents questioned her. She called me a liar and said that she was a better artist than that.
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Of course I was punished, but learned my lesson.... 
My life is filled with
art, plants, and family including a dog, a cat, and a grown-up kid.
Becoming an Artist 
Self Portrait Feb. 2016 
                                   Digital painting in Photoshop: matching my "real pastels on charcoal paper" style.
Prisma colored pencils on vellum. 
Greenhouse Corner 1989 
When the digital wave swept through our everyday lives, computers beckoned. Printing and photography 
went digital. Art grew and blossomed with photo and painting programs. It was time to learn some more.
This has become my motto. Twenty years later, my work continues to evolve and I'm still learning new things with new programs.
My house is small,
with a big tree a
 few miles from
 the beach in L.A.
My older sister discovered a talent for drawing in sixth grade. Being much younger, my life was a game of follow the leader and as she learned, I copied.
If only I had drawn Smokey better, my dad would have believed me.
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Drawing Better
From Smokey the Bear through Art Center College of Design, there have been many lessons and many teachers.
I now create hand drawn and painted art, both on and off the computer. These days the final piece is usually digital for printing or sharing on the web.
With each piece I create, I get to learn really cool new stuff!
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Last updated June 2016