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Find quirky artwork and illustrations to enhance your world. Specializing in hand drawn images of inspiration, fantasy and inner peace swirled with a dash of humor.​ 
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Peace: catch the wave
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Winter Holidays
Channeling my life on the beaches of the South Bay, I give you the gift of Peace: catch the wave and find it in the new year. Dude, make it happen!

Happy Holidays!
Peace 2014 is a twofer: a front and a back image for printing on cool stuff!
From holiday cards to coasters and shirts, check out CafePress and make peace a part of your new year!
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Some change like the GO fish, here.
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​Last updated Oct. 25, 2016
Spring   2015
Starflowers with Fairy Faces
Lyrrian's Page is finally up with the first Image Puzzles!
This painting of a lavender starflower vine growing in my garden is the wallpaper on my  Facebook page. 
LetterMazes are HERE!
Be the first to try out a new kind of puzzle!
It's filled with hidden fairy folk. How many can you find?
Click on the Sheep or Penguins and check it out. You can print out your own free LetterMaze Puzzle. 
You can share these digital images with friends on any device or order them printed on cards, shirts, bags, framed wall art and more!
Web Hints for "Old" Friends
Penguin LetterMaze
Lyrrian's Sheep- a baa-d pun maze
Spring   2016
Winter came and went with new hand painted Peace images.
Hand painted Peace Harmony
Self Portrait Pastel Dark Layer
Spring revealed a new me to the world, with an updated digital self portrait. 

Check out 
How To Draw Digital Pastel Portraits to see the process documented from photograph to final portrait. 
Painting the yang dove before the yin appeared
Step 2
Dark under layer
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